99-year-old Lower Moyamensing resident and World War II veteran reflects on nearly 100 years of life

Jun 18, 2019 837

BY: Grace Maiorano

Over the past century, several populations have come and gone throughout South Philadelphia. Some folks, though, have stayed through every changing moment of these last 100 years. One lifelong resident in particular, 99-year-old Lower Moyamensing resident Charles “Charlie” Leuzzi, ventured in combat across Europe during World War II, earning two Purple Hearts, four Bronze Stars and marksmanship badges, only to find himself returning to his South Philly roots.

The approaching centenarian was recently honored alongside more than 120 fellow Philadelphians at the city’s Centenarian Celebration in late May when the class of senior citizens were honored for their longevity and accomplishments. On the eve of D-Day last week, Leuzzi, who has resided on the 2600 block of S. Warnock St. since 1949, reflected on surviving the Great Depression, serving in the war, starting a lineage in South Philly and, somewhere along, uncovering the key to a long life.

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