After Months Of Talks, Italy Has A New Coalition Government

Jun 01, 2018 812

BY: Scott Neuman

Italy's anti-establishment 5-Star Movement and the right-wing League have persuaded the country's president to allow them to form a new government – a populist coalition that is already making waves with the European Union. The coalition will be headed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, a popular but untested political figure who was rejected by President Sergio Mattarella just days ago.

In a last-minute shuffle of cabinet posts aimed at appeasing Mattarella, Conte remained but an 81-year-old euro-skeptic economist, Paolo Savona, was shunted from the economy minister's post to a European affairs position. The anti-immigrant and anti-European Union League and the maverick 5-Star Movement rode a wave of popular discontent into office. They have both called for a referendum to determine if Italy should stay in the Eurozone.

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