‘Buone Feste’: Celebrating Christmas in 1950s North Beach

Dec 19, 2019 878

I grew up in North Beach from 1946 through the late ’50s. I was the oldest of three sons born to an immigrant family from Sicily, a few years before Carol Doda’s breasts became institutionalized at the Condor Club, titillating tourists with silicone implants and watered-down drinks, catty-corner from , still generating the restless rhythm of the Beats.

Every time I cross the Golden Gate Bridge to anywhere in San Francisco, like a salmon going back to its spawning ground, I can’t help but drive down Columbus Avenue through my beloved Italianita (Little Italy)recalling childhood memories, especially Christmas dinner with my family crowded around a table full of delizioso Italian food.

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SOURCE: https://thebolditalic.com/

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