"A casa with the Museo" #2 The Italian American Experience: The archive as classroom

Apr 20, 2021 887

Sunday 05/02/2021 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm PDT. The Italian American Experience: The Archive as Classroom. The Museo presents a conversation with Professor Lina Insana on how archives can become  spaces of active learning and fruitful collaborations, offering a more experimental approach to the study of Italians in places such as Pittsburgh, PA, and Santa Clara, CA. Book your ticket here.
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The exploration of the Italian American Experience(s) in University-level Italian Studies classes offers an excellent opportunity for students to develop historical knowledge, and critically reflect on individual and collective identities. The Italian American Experience can be introduced into the classroom through multiple methodologies, including collaborations that bring together students, faculty, archives, libraries and other local institutions.

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SOURCE: Museo ItaloAmericano

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