"The D'Amelio Show," the life of an Italian-American influencer with 150 million followers on TikTok

Oct 10, 2021 4728

She started doing her dances on TikTok and Instagram at age 16 until she reached planetary fame in just over a year. Charli D'Amelio, an American of Italian descent, quickly went from anonymity to the lights of Hollywood and on October 13 will debut with her family exclusively on Disney+ with "The D'Amelio Show", a family reality show in 8 episodes available on streaming that revolves all around her.

At just 17 years old, Charli, who was born in Connecticut to her Italian-born father Marc and French-Irish-born mother Heidi, is the number one fan on Tik Tok. She has been noticed by the public but also by Jennifer Lopez who invited her to perform with her during the Superbowl and to close one of her recent videos. Charli boasts one of the most massive followings on various social media with over 150 million followers.

Thanks to her, her older sister Dixie, who is 19 and will be participating in the reality show with the whole family, is also multiplying her followers fast, and already has 78 million. For Heidi and Marc there is not only the complicated job of parents dealing with two teenagers, but also the forced move to the other side of America to support the dreams of their two daughters. Now that they are in Hollywood, they will also have to try to protect the two girls from the dark side of popularity, but this is already part of the story of The D'Amelio Show.

The Italian roots, which on their father's side are divided between Bari and Naples, are very present in the D'Amelio family: "We have been in the United States for four generations but I know that my great-grandparents and even my grandparents at home spoke Italian," says Marc D'Amelio. "My mother knows Italian well. We're more American but there are definitely things about Italian culture in us that we don't even realize, that always take us back to our roots in Italy. I'm the one on the Italian side, Heidi is half French and half Irish."

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