"E4Shield," the Italian device that stops Covid indoors

Jun 22, 2022 449

An innovative tool capable of ferreting out the circulation in the air not only of the original strain of the Covid 19 virus but also of its variants and therefore particularly effective in closed environments such as schools, hospitals, offices, elevators and means of transportation. It is called "E4Shield" and takes advantage of a unique technology designed by Elettronica Group, a leading Italian company in the field of electronic defense.

E4Shield is a small device that is based on electromagnetic resonance technology and will be available in two versions: one that can be installed on the wall and one that is "wearable." It works on a very simple principle that is electromagnetic waves, and is not harmful to health.

E4Shield is a project that has come to life in the spaces of Mind, the "Milan Innovation District" built on the site that hosted Expo 2015 and focused on research in the areas of life sciences, and is intended to mark the start of a path to a new normal after the health emergency.

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