The gulf of poets, the pearl of Liguria

May 28, 2023 520

BY: Marco Fogliazza

Let yourself be enchanted by the light of the sea while walking in Porto Venere under the ancient walls of the church of San Pietro, climb to the castle of Lerici discovering the labyrinth of its carrugi and the endless perspectives of its colorful houses overlooking the gulf. Welcome to the Gulf of Poets, the delightful bay sung and loved by Dante, Petrarch, Byron and Shelley is still a magical place. 

Liguria is one of the regions of Italy among the most loved by tourists from all over the world and every year thousands of travelers discover the fascinating Gulf of Poets.  It is a deep inlet of the Ligurian Sea in front of the city of La Spezia. These territories of the Ligurian Riviera of the Levant have been over the centuries destination of travel and stay for some of the most famous writers and intellectuals.

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