IABF, Elefterakis, Elefterakis & Panek Law announce international youth development and Baseball partnership

Feb 12, 2024 611

The Italian American Baseball Foundation (IABF) and Elefterakis, Elefterakis, and Panek (EEP) have agreed to a partnership to support their collective efforts in youth baseball development. IABF has become one of the world’s premier heritage-based non-profit baseball organizations and is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of Italian American ball players while helping grow the game in Italy at an advanced level.

The partnership will foster international baseball games and clinics between American and Italian youth players looking to experience the game at different levels in both countries. In addition to youth clinics and baseball development programs, the partnership will manifest character educational development opportunities based on leadership and culture. Most of all, it’s about creating fun experiences for the players and coaches. 

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SOURCE: https://iabf.foundation

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