Italian traditions: Christmas in Trentino Alto Adige

Dec 14, 2019 1735

Visiting Trentino Alto Adige during the Christmas season is just magical! Besides the wonder of its snow-filled landscapes - highly-appreciated by skiers, of course - its magnificent Christmas markets, in Trento and Bolzano during Advent, are what makes the Region so special this time of year. 


The largest city in Trentino Alto Adige, a meeting point and cultural merging between the Mediterranean and Central Europe, the city center appears but a Medieval village.Thanks to the Austrian-style buildings, the ancient arcades and the charming atmosphere that reigns in the "Enchanted Forest" of Palais Campofranco, Bolzano takes you through the magical traditions of Advent in the Alpines.

At Christmastime, Piazza Walther displays the typical wooden houses of the Christmas Market, and the city is dressed up with sounds and colors: hundreds of lights illuminate the streets of the historic center, while in the background we can hear the traditional melodies.

Eighty exhibitors in their booths offer typical decorations made of glass, wood and ceramic, many linked to the most authentic artisan traditions of Trentino Alto Adige, and moreover the cooking specialties and delicious Christmas desserts such as the famous "Zelten" of Bolzano.

Furthermore, visitors can also admire the handicraft market in Piazza Municipio, the solidarity market, the handicraft show, the market of the enchanted forest, discovering everyday what is hidden behind the windows of the great Advent calendar of the building Max Valier, located in Via della Posta.
Learn more about Trentino Alto-Adige's "five stars route", made up in part of Bolzano's Christmas market.


Lastly, another important market, not included in the five stars route but that is definitely worth a trip, is the market of Trento. In 18 years, this market has managed to make the city one of the main stops for tourists wanting to enjoy the Christmas spirit.

A Medieval city (already known in Roman times) where the fusion of Italian and German traditions and culture can be felt and breathed, Trento boasts a fantastic Christmas market (sometimes organized in cooperation with the market in Innsbruck). It is an opportunity for adults and children alike to experience the lovely fairytale atmosphere, in addition to the scents and flavors of this land. A food and wine "island" represents, even from the physical point of view, the heart of the market; here, Christmas revelers will not be able to avoid the strudel, the Potatoes Tortel, and the Strauben Polenta, and all the typical Christmas sweets, accompanied by a glass of tea or spicy vin brulè. Several stalls fill the main square, Piazza Fiera, and are bursting with many decorations that seem to introduce the visitors into a different world. This is one more reason to visit this wonderful city that the Emperor Claudius called "splendidum municipium." Nothing remains but to wish you a pleasant journey to these enchanted markets and the charming towns where they are held.


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