Italy Gets Ready for Carnival Festivals, from the Most Famous to the Most Unusual

Jan 30, 2024 725

BY: Grace Russo Bullaro

As Carnevale approaches in the runup to Lent and then Easter, Italy comes alive with festivals in February. In the US the biggest such event is New Orleans’ Mardi Gras, but in Italy many cities have their own versions as they celebrate the last fling before Lent puts an end to fun and self-indulgence, ushering in the reflection and gravity of preparing for the most solemn days of the Catholic calendar. 

Carnevale comes 40 days before Easter, so the date changes each year (and festivals can sometimes start in January) depending on the date of Easter. The biggest Carnevale celebrations last for several weeks. Although Venice and Viareggio have the most well-known celebrations, Carnevale is celebrated all over Italy in a variety of ways. These are some of the more unusual Carnevale celebrations.

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