Late medieval helmet found off Sicilian coast

Apr 02, 2024 838

Vendicari is a small uninhabited island on the southeastern coast of Sicily. The sole remnants of the islands human activity consist of the ruins of a tuna factory, which was built by Baron Modica Munafò in the 19th century. A recent study to find evidence of the islands submerged cultural heritage has led to the discovery of a helmet at a depth of 5 metres beneath the water level.

The object was recovered by professors, Enzo Morra and Leopoldo Repola, from the University of Naples, which has since been delivered to the Superintendency of the Sea by the honorary inspector for submerged cultural heritage. According to the researchers, the helmet has been identified as a cabasset, a type of helmet worn by infantry and light cavalry from the mid-16th century. 

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