Madonnari mural almost complete

Oct 03, 2020 564

At 227 Slemmer's Alley in Little Italy, the Madonnari mural is coming along beautifully (pictured below), reports Cyd Wolf, Executive Producer of the Madonnari Arts Festival held in the neighborhood for the past five years. The mural is painted above the new yet-to-be-open Madonnari Gallery which will house a permanent exhibit dedicated to the art of the Madonnari and present exhibits of featured artists.

As well, the Gallery will display art and antiques for purchase. (Slemmer's Alley is a block off President Street near Vaccaro's.) Wolf's husband and business partner, Germano Fabiani, has painstakingly redeveloped what were two storage spaces, and before that - over 100 years ago - two houses on the alley once deemed "Monkey Row" because of the immigrant organ grinders who lived there with their live monkeys.

"We kept as much of the original brickwork and the steel beams as possible and kept the floor unfinished on purpose," said Cyd. After the artist Michael Kirby is finished painting the mural, Cyd and Germano will set up shop. "We have a lot to do yet but it is feasible to open in November even if the exhibits are not fully completed."

SOURCE: Promotion Center for Little Italy, Baltimore

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