"Qui Nuova York". Rai correspondents' America in Giudici and Salvadore's docu-film

Apr 01, 2023 758

BY: Laura Ciarti

At the Consulate General of Italy in New York, at the initiative of Consul General Fabrizio Di Michele, the documentary film Qui Nuova York. America as Told to Italians by Television, by Marco Giudici and Andrea Salvadore, directed by Andrea Salvadore. It is a 90-minute adaptation of a production that aired on Rai channels abroad.

Inspiring the work is the belief that everything Italians have known and seen about America since World War II has been told to them by television, specifically public television. An assumption that brings recognition and confirmation of Rai's historic role in Italian culture.

The documentary-two episodes in the long size version-opens with a journey through the most memorable period correspondences of Ruggero Orlando and Carlo Mazzarella, and arrives at a tribute to all the public service journalists-correspondents, correspondents, commentators, reporters-who participated in the great collective enterprise of informing Italy from overseas.

The extensive introduction and many annotations by Aldo Grasso - filmed for the occasion in the cloister of the Catholic University, Milan - serve as a critical accompaniment to the repertory news reports, lending extraordinary added value to the archival research.

In the Park Avenue venue, after a video message from Rai President Marinella Soldi, and a viewing of the docu-film, a discussion followed with the authors and the head of the Rai correspondence office, Claudio Pagliara.

SOURCE: www.formiche.it

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