A storm is brewing: A tour of some of Italy's new beers

Sep 13, 2017 881

BY: Alex Macbeth

From north to south, beer is slowly entrenching itself into the culture of Italians. The vineyards of Veneto, Tuscany and Sicily are famous for their Prosecco, Chianti and Nero d'Avola wines respectively. All are synonymous with Italy's image of elegance, decadence and dolce vita.

Yet Italian microbreweries, of which there are now more than 500 producing nearly 3,000 different beers – according to the Italian Beer Guide 2017 – are doing their best to make beer Italy's drink of choice.  The hub of new brews is Piedmont, where some of the largest brands are based, but across Italy, microbreweries are in fashion.There are 60 alone in Sicily. Find out more about some of the most exciting malty concoctions below. 

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SOURCE: https://www.thelocal.it/

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