The 1 Thing Jimmy Garoppolo, Joe Montana, and Dan Marino Have in Common

Nov 25, 2019 404

BY: Madilyn Zeegers

Jimmy Garoppolo has had a great year for the San Francisco 49ers so far. Any time a new young quarterback emerges as a potential elite talent, it’s natural to compare him to quarterbacks from the past. There are two quarterbacks, in particular, Garoppolo may draw comparisons to: Joe Montana and Dan Marino. Why is that and what exactly do they all have in common? 

Garoppolo isn’t nearly as accomplished as the other two quarterbacks mentioned here, but in fairness to him, he’s closer to the beginning of his career. Garoppolo is off to a good start. Here’s what he’s been able to achieve in his short career so far: Win-loss record of 17-3; Completed 68.8% of his passes; 5,446 passing yards; 35 touchdowns; 18 interceptions. 

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