From Capra to the Coppolas, the special contribution of the Italian American directors

Oct 17, 2015 1046

by Serena Perfetto

A unique documentary exhibition, "Italian American Cinema: From Capra to the Coppolas", is currently on display at the Museo Italo-Americano, until March 6, 2016. The exhibition is surely an opportunity to better understand the contributions made by Italian-Americans to the national cinema and culture. Film scholar Joseph McBride, who is the curator of the exhibition, focused on the positive effect some directors had on the old stereotypes about Italian Americans.

As soon as Italian Americans have been portrayed more realistically and with more range and complexity, the growing license to deal with ethnic subject matter and the increasing violence of American movies have in some ways made gangster stereotypes more virulent in both films and television. Another important aspect relates to the themes usually covered by Italian American filmmakers from the early 1900s until today: lot of space is usually given to the importance of family and community; to the problem of immigration and assimilation; to the celebratory use of comedy and music.

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