Gianni Vancini Releases ‘Get Your Groove On’ And Plans For The Future

Oct 03, 2014 706

Over the years Italian saxophonist Gianni Vancini has become something of a music luminary in the European jazz scene. With an unparalleled reputation as a musician whose extraordinary abilities allow him to play across multiple genres with ease and fascinating execution, Vancini's skills are now highly desired in the United States as well.

Although the project is not set in stone just yet, arrangements are underway for a new collaboration that will feature Gianni Vancini alongside American jazz-pop musician Terry Wollman. Wollman, who has had several songs on the Billboard charts over the years, has released the albums "Bimini," "Say Yes," "Baila," "Sleep Suite," "Buddha's Ear," and "A Joyful Noise."

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