Mike Vecchione at Stanford, CA

Nov 08, 2023 1010

BY: Aaron Carnes

Mike Vecchione feels like a neighborhood kind of guy who always brings hijinx and funny stories. And for Italian Americans, Mike probably feels even more familiar. He brings tiny little details from his life and pokes fun at his own culture. He’s got one bit about how Italy doesn’t get a bad wrap, despite fighting alongside Germany in World War II because, well, they have such great food.

So, people give them a pass. His nonchalant delivery is what makes the punchline land. It’s easy to see why Mike was able to quit his teaching job and find himself on Netflix, Comedy Central, and Hulu. It’s the kind of comedy that’s easy to sit back and enjoy, kind of like Italian food. Friday November 10. 7pm/9pm, $25-$35. The Studio, Stanford, CA

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SOURCE: https://www.metrosiliconvalley.com

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