Teatro Patologico: All Mad Free (Tutti non ci sono)

Jun 20, 2022 134

The Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles cordially invite you to the theater for Teatro Patologico: All Mad Free (TUTTI NON CI SONO). Written, directed and performed by Dario D’Ambrosi, a Teatro Patologico Production. In Italian and English. THURSDAY JUNE 23, 2022. 6:00 pm PST. Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles (1023 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA). In person RSVP here.

First presented at the renowned experimental theatre La MaMa in New York City in 1980, this solo performance depicts a psychiatric patient victimized by neglect in the outside world. The play was written as a reaction to the Italian Mental Health Act of 1978 which was the first law to reform the psychiatric system. It serves as a call for support and understanding instead of indifference and fear.

In person capacity is limited. Masks are recommended while indoors regardless of vaccination status.

Dario D'Ambrosi, founder of the Pathological Theater in Rome is an author, director and actor. He has personally researched for over thirty years the concept of madness, developing fascinating theater shows in Italy and internationally. The Pathological Theater’s shows investigate the status of mental illness by grasping its vital, artistic and creative aspects with the intention of restoring dignity. After moving to New York City at a very young age in the 1970s, D’Ambrosi met the founder of the La MaMa Café Ellen Stewart. He debuted with his first show, the monologue Tutti Non Ci Sono at La Mama and while in New York City, he met internationally recognized artists such as Robert De Niro, Andy Warhol, Lou Reed, Pina Baush. Tutti Non Ci Sono, La Trota, The Days of Antonio, Flies Buzzing, Allucinazioni da Psicofarmaci, Cose Da Pazzi, The Prince of Madness, Il Nulla, Frusta-azioni, Un Regno per il mio cavallo (based on Richard III) are some of the most important shows by Dario D’Ambrosi, which have been performed throughout Italy, Europe and the United States.

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