Tom Gamboa: “I’ll be doing this the rest of my life”

Jan 11, 2022 331

BY: Rocco Costantino

Follow your passion. It seems like a simple concept, but it can be easier said than done. It takes courage, sacrifice, self-awareness and a firm belief in yourself and what you can accomplish. Tom Gamboa followed his passion and it led to a career in baseball that lasted over four decades and gave him a front seat to history on multiple occasions. The respected longtime coach joins us for this week’s Spitballin’.

Gamboa found his passion as a youngster and even the wide-eyed ten-year-old who fell in love with baseball may not have been able to dream of the experiences he would eventually have in the game. His journey ranged far-and-wide, beginning as a prep star in Southern California to a standout collegiate career at UC Santa Barbara before he began his path as a scout and coach.

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