The fascinating history of Ferrari and North American Racing Team

Jul 01, 2023 616

BY: Bernard Martin & Luigi Chinetti

The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix is honored to host Ferrari as our 2023 Marque of the Year and to pay homage to N.A.R.T. - the North American Racing Team both of which are deeply entwined in Pennsylvania history. Ferrari has been a timeless symbol of speed, power, and passion and one of the most iconic and successful brands in the world of motorsports.

Enzo Ferrari began his career as a test driver for a small car company in Milan. He made his competitive debut in the 1919 before moving on to work with Alfa Romeo as a racing driver and later as a team manager. In the early 1920s, Ferrari began to develop promising racing drivers outside of Alfa Romeo who campaigned for Italian marques such as Fiat and Lancia. 

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