The 18 sides of Chazz Palminteri

Nov 15, 2013 725

By Chris Kaltenbach

Eighteen characters, but only one actor. That's a lot of work for one guy, no matter how you slice it. But Chazz Palminteri isn't complaining, not in the least. After all, he's got no one to blame but himself. "A Bronx Tale" is all Palminteri's doing, a one-act, one-man autobiographical play about a young boy growing up in the Bronx and the two father figures who vie for his affections.

One is his father, who wants nothing but the best for his son — and that includes a life sheltered as much as possible from the mean streets in which he's forced to grow up. The other's a mob boss who takes a liking to him, this kid who knows when to keep his mouth shut.

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