For the 2021 Week of Italian Cuisine in the World, we are very excited to share with you an amazing short film: "Yes Chef" by Amy Campione

Nov 19, 2021 814

Winner of the Russo Brothers Italian American Film Forum (which awards yearly grants to aspiring filmmakers to create films exploring the Italian American experience for the benefit of future generations), “Yes Chef” is the visceral tale of Corrine Bianchi, a third generation Italian American Chef who struggles to celebrate her successes as she reminisces about her past and family culture.

Flashing back and forth between present day and a warm childhood holiday memory, the film shows Corrine as she delves deep within herself to discover what it means to be Italian as she aims to defend her food and her style, while honoring her family. The film will be available online until Sunday, November 21 (midnight, EST): 

SOURCE: Italian Consulate in Detroit

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