Hall closes, DiMaggio statue removal creates a stir

Mar 02, 2019 702

BY: Dan Kolen and Susan S. Stevens

The Italian-American Sports Hall of Fame has closed its museum at 1431 W. Taylor St., with George Randazzo, Hall of Fame founder and president, promising a “premier” new location that will include the Joe DiMaggio statue that has stood across the street since 1999.

The Hall of Fame organization took the $150,000 Joe DiMaggio statue with it when it moved. The statue sat in the center of DiMaggio Piazza, at Taylor and Bishop Streets. Only a plaque and pedestal for the statue remain. Some neighbors have expressed anger and confusion over the statue’s removal, while the Hall of Fame administration claims the hall owned the statue and could remove it at its own discretion.

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SOURCE: http://www.gazettechicago.com/

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