Joe DiMaggio statue ‘safe’ after removal from Taylor St.—but residents want answers

Jan 29, 2019 298

Play ball! Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? He’s safe, but he’s not where you think. The $150,000 statue of baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, which was abruptly removed from a plaza across the street from the closed National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame — leading to an uproar from some Little Italy residents — is now being housed in Elk Grove Village.

Whaaa? “We brought Joe back to his creator to be refurbished,” said attorney Enrico Mirabelli, who serves as general counsel for the Hall of Fame, which has owned the statue since 1991. “The great DiMaggio is not in hiding. He is being housed at the statue’s birthplace,” he said. “It is safe. No one is stealing it.”

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