Louis Vanaria talks meeting showbiz legends, singing at Festa Italiana

Jul 21, 2018 1043

BY: Matt Mueller

There are worse ways to start one's on-screen career than starring in a movie with Robert De Niro. That's how it began for actor Louis Vanaria, appearing in the icon's 1993 directorial debut "A Bronx Tale" as Crazy Mario. Since then, he's made a nice career of small character roles and bit parts, working on set next to the likes of Martin Scorsese ("Wolf of Wall Street"), Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany Haddish (the upcoming crime drama "The Kitchen"), and Ol' Blue Eyes himself Frank Sinatra.

Like Sinatra, Vanaria's artistic reach goes beyond the screen, singing classics old and new – as well as his own music – on stage across the country. It's that passion that brings him to Milwaukee this weekend, performing at the Miller Lite Oasis stage throughout Festa Italiana.

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SOURCE: https://onmilwaukee.com

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