Kansas City duo to represent US in bocce world games in Poland

Jul 17, 2017 1287

BY: Daniel Barnett

A pair of Kansas City pals has picked up some serious bragging rights. Chris Cardello and John Liberto are the 2017 United States Bocce Federation National Championship Tournament champions. In June, the pair picked up the title in Chicago, IL after only playing together for seven months. Now, they head to Poland to represent the United States in the world games.

Liberto is a lefty, and Cardello is right handed. They’ve got all the angles covered, and they share a similar strategy. “I like to hit the bomb you know as you relate to football. Shots that look impossible but they're not,” Cardello said. “High risk, high reward shots, that' my style. When you pull it off, there's nothing better.” “I like Chris's aggressive style of play, think he compliments my style very well. I'm a very strategic player,” Liberto said.

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SOURCE: http://www.kctv5.com/

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