Maserati rolls out Post Road East dealership

Apr 20, 2015 497

Local auto sales just shifted into the fast lane with the recent opening of a Maserati dealership at 1026 Post Road East. The dealer showcases four models by the luxury Italian car maker: the Ghibli, the Quattroporte, the three convertible S-models of which the MC is the top of the line, and the fourth is the GT-coupe that has both hard-top and convertible models.

The Ghibli line starts at a base price of $79,000, the Quattroporte's base price is $107,000, while the convertibles start at $147,000. Maserati sold about 36,500 cars last year, with 12,943 sales in the U.S.Baily Vanneck, the general manager, is optimistic about the new Westport dealership. 

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