Ringraziamenti: The Saint Joseph’s Day Table Tradition

Mar 04, 2020 741

Sunday March 15 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm. I AM BOOKS - 189 NORTH STREET, BOSTON, MA 02113. Join us for a discussion and special screening of “Ringraziamenti: The Saint Joseph’s Day Table Tradition,” produced by Kirsten Keppel, a videographer of the Abruzzo and Molise Heritage Society in Washington D.C. Keppel’s film explores “The St. Joseph’s Day Table” and its significance in Italian and Italian-American culture.

The film won Runner Up in The Russo Brothers Italian American Film Forum, an initiative to fund films depicting and exploring the Italian American experience for the benefit of future generations. In an interview with Fra Noi, Keppel explained the origin of the idea for the documentary film: “Zeppole di San Giuseppe — the ricotta-filled cream puff pastries made for the Feast of Saint Joseph on March 19 — are my earliest memory of Italian roots. 

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