Francesco Corti Rings in 33rd Anniversary at NYU’s Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò

Nov 16, 2023 561

BY: Jonathan Salamon

The Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò at New York University is celebrating its 33rd anniversary as an institution devoted to Italian culture. Its range of free public programming brings together many voices that promote intellectual and cultural exchange between the United States and Italy, situated in the late Baroness Mariuccia Zerilli-Marimò’s historic townhouse in Greenwich Village.

On Monday evening Casa Italiana presented Francesco Corti, the internationally acclaimed Italian harpsichordist, conductor, and professor, in a solo recital titled “Frescobaldi and the South,” featuring Italian harpsichord music of the late Renaissance and early Baroque periods. The spirit of celebration was in the air as guests packed into Casa Italiana to enjoy a reception with ample prosecco and pink-frosted cake. 

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