The Italian Fairy journeys: Inspiring Staten Island Students to Embrace Italian Language and Culture

Feb 16, 2024 1559

Renowned actress, singer, and educator Simona Rodano, known affectionately as The Italian Fairy, recently visited Monsignor Farrell High School thanks to Mr. Lou Tabacco (President of Monsignor Farrell High School) and Mrs. Loretta Drogon, igniting excitement and enthusiasm among students for the learning of the Italian language.

Rodano's visit was part of her ongoing mission to promote Italian language education in schools, and it served as a prelude to an exciting field trip to the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center, New Brunswick where students will attend the go-green EduMusical, "Sempreverde," on March 12th and 13th, 2024.

The upcoming EduMusical, produced by Incanto Productions, promises to captivate young audiences with its innovative blend of entertainment and education. With 17 years of commitment to creating edutainment works for schools and collaborations with the Department of Education in New York, Incanto Productions continues to inspire students to explore new horizons through the arts and languages.

Loretta Drogon, a dedicated advocate for Italian language education, connected Simona Rodano to Ms. Victoria Maniscalco, Italian teacher at Monsignor Farrell High School and founder of Young Italians of America.

Ms. Maniscalco, devoted to providing an engaging Italian language curriculum to students, embraced Incanto Production's mission and organized a school trip in March to see "Sempreverde." On February 14th, 2024, Mrs. Rodano was welcomed by Ms. Maniscalco and Mr. Lazzaro Di Pietro, Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages and retired Principal of James Madison High School. Rodano found herself embraced by students passionate about fostering cultural diversity and appreciation.

Reflecting on her interaction with the students, Rodano remarked, "When I met the students, I could not have expected a better reception and willingness to participate in the presentation I delivered to them. The love for Italy and the Italian language was palpable." Indeed, students eagerly engaged with Rodano's presentation, demonstrating their curiosity and eagerness to learn more about the first-ever go-green bilingual musical.

As the students asked their questions at the end of the presentation, it became evident that Rodano's visit had sparked a genuine interest in Italian culture and language among the student body. The journey to preserve and promote Italian language education in schools is not merely about linguistic proficiency; it represents a broader commitment to multiculturalism and the celebration of diversity.

Through initiatives like the EduMusical "Sempreverde" and visits from inspiring figures like Simona Rodano, schools like Monsignor Farrell High School are fostering a deeper appreciation for languages and cultures from around the world. As students prepare for their upcoming field trip to the New Brunswick Performing Arts Center, they carry with them the excitement and anticipation of immersing themselves in an enriching cultural experience.

Simona Rodano's visit serves as a reminder of the transformative power of the arts in education and the enduring importance of preserving linguistic heritage in an increasingly interconnected world. With her boundless enthusiasm and dedication, Rodano continues to inspire the next generation of global citizens to embrace diversity, celebrate culture, and pursue lifelong learning.

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