The Opera on the piano: two Italian musicians in New York

Mar 08, 2024 3065

Elena Buttiero e Anita Frumento, Italian musicians from Liguria, are the protagonists of the concert “Italian Opera for piano four hands”. The event is promoted by the Allegro con Moto Association of Savona in collaboration with the "Friends of Maple Grove" of New York. During the concert, music by Giuseppe Verdi, Gioacchino Rossini, Francesco Cilea, Umberto Giordano and Pietro Mascagni will be performed.

The recital will take place in New York on Saturday 30 March 2024 for the “Friends of Maple Grove” in the Center's Celebration Hall at 4.00 pm (127-15 Kew Gardens Road, Kew Gardens, NY 11415). Entrance fee $15. For information email here or telephone: (+1) (347) 878 6613.

In December 2023 The Practice of Opera Singing in Italy was declared on the Intangible Heritage list of Umanity Site by UNESCO (United Nations Cultural Agency). The concert pays tribute to the extraordinary world of Opera with a journey to discover the greatest Italian Opera composers through the four hands of pianists Elena Buttiero and Anita Frumento.

Elena Buttiero e Anita Frumento have been carrying out research in the musicological field for many years, in particular aimed at the discovery and enhancement of the repertoire for piano four hands.

There are many shows staged from 2009 to today: “Italy '900: words, images and music of the short century”; “Future Sounds. A musical journey into Futurism”; “Italy in the Great War: words, figures and music between 1915 and 1918” (Official program of the commemorations of the Centenary of the First World War by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers); “Non sembiava imagine che tace” (with the patronage of the National Committee for the celebration of the 700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage), “Quella sagoma di Dante. Tre donne alle prese con l’Alighieri”, theatrical and musical show.

Elena Buttiero, graduated in piano at the Turin’s Conservatoire ‘G. Verdi’, she held concerts in several Italian cities, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, France, Romania, Czech Republic, Serbia, United States, Canada, Tanzania, Argentine and Uruguay. She published two CD’s as harpist with Birkin Tree: Continental Reel and A Cheap presen’. With Carlo Aonzo, she published Il mandolino italiano nel Settecento and Fantasia poetica. During 2009, the Duo was awarded with the Ligurian Region Price, Cultural section, from Liguria Region. In 2012, she recorded the CD Arethusa Consortium for two Celtic harps repertoire and plectrums, Saluti dall’Italia in 2013 and Lontano nel mondo in 2015 devoted to Luigi Tenco’s songs. In 2021 she published the CD The Baroque Hurdy-Gurdy at the French Royal Court with Francesco Giusta. In the didactic field she published for Carisch/Hal Leonard editor the solfege method Il Centone, the piano method Primo Piano, the Piano Antologia and the Antologia pianistica a 4 mani. She is the artistic director of the Mozart Savona Association and of the Allegro con Moto Association.

Anita Frumento obtained the Second Level Academic Diploma in Piano and Chamber Music with full marks and honors at the Conservatory of Genoa and the Conservatory of Piacenza. Winner of numerous competitions, she has participated in important national and international exhibitions. She has been carrying out research in the musicological field for many years in duo with the pianist Elena Buttiero, in particular aimed at the discovery and enhancement of the repertoire for piano four hands, performing regularly in Italy and abroad. She is a pianist and managing member of the APS Nuovi Contesti Sonori of Clusone (Bg), where she actively participates in concert and teaching activities and in the creation of original shows. Always dedicated to teaching and training, she obtained the Master of Arts in Music Pedagogy at the Conservatory of Italian Switzerland in Lugano. She teaches at the MAT Artistic Center in Lugano (Switzerland) and she is a tenured piano teacher at the Liceo Musicale of Albenga (Sv).

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