Reverberations of Team Italy's Mission Classic felt at Italian American Baseball Foundation Gala in New York

Dec 04, 2022 235

BY: Roberto Angotti

The Seventh Annual Italian American Baseball Foundation (IABF) Gala at Giando On the Water in Brooklyn on December 1, 2022 served as the stateside launching pad for MLB front office personnel, players, coaches, and media representatives to witness the take off of IABF Tommy Lasorda Award recipient and Team Italy manager Mike Piazza's Mission Classic in light of the upcoming 2023 World Baseball Classic.

Following a productive meeting to synergize efforts in helping grow and promote baseball and softball in Italy with Major League Baseball International executives Jim Small and Chris Haydock at the MLB New York headquarters on Sixth Street in Manhattan, Federazione Italiana Baseball Softball (FIBS) President Andrea Marcon, Team Italy manager Mike Piazza along with members of the FIBS delegation once again joined forces with the Italian American Baseball Foundation for the Seventh Annual IABF Gala at Giando On the Water in Brooklyn on Thursday, December 1, 2022.

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