See what Fiorentina means to Little Italy in the Bronx

Jul 23, 2019 463

BY: Mike McCormack

Yesterday I witnessed a genuine feel good story. You know the story by now. Boy leaves Calabria at the age of four and immigrates with his family to the Bronx. This article skips what happened between the Bronx decades ago when he grew up on Arthur Avenue until now, when he triumphantly returned with his pride and joy, ACF Fiorentina. It focuses on how one man’s success has brought many people together that otherwise wouldn’t have been.

Rocco could be seen greeting everyone with a very firm two handed handshake or the customary kiss on each cheek. It’s Rocco’s day, but in true Rocco Commisso fashion, he ends up sharing it by honoring local restaurant Mario’s for its 100 years of being in business. How tied in to this neighborhood in the Bronx is Rocco? He tells us while addressing the 800-1,000 people in attendance that it was at Mario’s Restaurant that he had his wife’s college graduation dinner many years ago.

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