Team Italy ties Oakland A's Minor Leaguers 5-5 in Arizona Spring Training debut

Mar 26, 2019 812

In the first of three afternoon exhibition games against a group of Oakland Athletics prospects, Team Italy tied the A’s minor league squad 5-5 at the Arizona spring training facility in Mesa on March 20, 2019. Azzurri manager Gilberto “Gibo” Gerali’s squad played well in the desert and nearly beat the prized Athletics. Team Italy showed strength and power with a home run from former Atlanta Braves prospect Mattia Mercuri and an outfield blast off the 441 foot wall by slugger Chris Colabello.

Italy’s batting order consisted of Sebastiano Poma, Aldo Koutsoyanopulos, Alessandro Vaglio, Chris Colabello, Leo Zileri, Alex Sambucci, Mattia Mercuri, Nico Garbella, and Marco Sabbatani. Azzurri pitchers included Andrea Pizziconi, Filippo Crepaldi, Alex Bassani, and Murilo Gouvea.


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