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ICA: Corona Podcast

ICA: Corona Podcast

  • WTI Magazine #126 Apr 18, 2020
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For those of you who may be familiar with the Italian Citizenship Assistance (ICA) articles on the subject of Italian citizenship, you may also be familiar with the Italian Citizenship Podcast where we discuss the ins and outs of Italian citizenship; how to apply and so on. 

Recently, we at ICA, have been receiving a number of inquiries from our clients and prospective clients in regard to the situation in Italy and whether or not the government is still conducting its various affairs. 

The Italian government has not stopped working; Italy’s citizens are strong and because of this the Italian government is still moving forward, even during this crisis. Due to the volume of questions we have been receiving, we wanted to take the time to sit down and speak about what has been going on in the realm of Italian citizenship here in Italy.  In this podcast hosted by founder of the Italian Citizenship Assistance and head of our US office, Marco Permunian, and Italian-American content creator Rafael Di Furia, they discussed what is going on currently and how ICA is dealing with the situation.

During this era that we are currently living through, where things are working in a very different manner, the acquisition and recognition of Italian citizenship has not been left out.  In this podcast you will hear about some of the steps that have been taken to assure that things continue, and answers to your question concerning the acquisition of citizenship during this time since the most common questions we’ve received since the beginning of this pandemic crisis in Italy are “Can I still get Italian citizenship?” and “Is now a good time to try to get Italian citizenship or should I wait?“.  These are some of the most important issues that we wanted to address in response to the growing number of people who are wondering how they should proceed.

The podcast below aims to answer some of these questions and concerns, and for more of the Italian Citizenship Podcast be sure to subscribe to the Italian Citizenship Assistance YouTube channel and to like and follow the Italian Citizenship Assistance Facebook page for more updates.