We The Italians | IT and US A unique hub for the Italian American successful stories

IT and US A unique hub for the Italian American successful stories

IT and US A unique hub for the Italian American successful stories

  • WTI Magazine #133 Nov 14, 2020
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What was the contribution of the Italian Americans in the fields of business ideas tied to engineering, medicine, and technology? Here are some examples from various fields: the folding sofa bed by Bernard Castro; the magnetic recording videotape by Joseph Anthony Mazzitello; the “miracle mop” by Joy Mangano; the Radio Flyer Red Wagon by Antonio Pasin. And did you know that the horticulturist named E. O. Fenzi introduced plants from all over the world to the warm climate and rich soil of California? And more: George Speri Sperti patented preparation H for hemorrhoids; Pierluigi Zappacosta co-founded Logitech, becoming the world's largest manufacturer of computer mouses and other personal interface products; the first computer microprocessor was created by Federico Faggin. And what about the business chain? Blimpie by Tony Conza, Subway by Fred DeLuca, Chun King and Pizza Rolls by Jeno Paulucci, Conair by Lee Rizzuto are just a few names of Italian American businesspeople who have left their mark on the United States through their brand names, entrepreneurial creativity and innovation, and leadership of major American corporations.

There are hundreds more of these kinds of stories and that’s the reason why I thought to gather them into a unique hub where you can find the most complete collection of this kind of material related to Italy and the United States.

I named it IAMCA, Italian American Media Crossroads Archive, and this database consists of more than 5000 items (including films, videos, books, articles, cartoons, pictures, posters, and so on) that illustrate past and current relations between the two countries. While not a comprehensive encyclopedia, this is a unique collection - as said above - of funny, controversial, and always interesting stories of ordinary people that lived, worked and studied on both continents, as well as the most popular characters and significant works of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Watching clips, we will understand their secret of success, in other words a unique mix of creativity, pride, passion, skills and imagination. Of course, there’s no challenge in the food market. Just two “simple” ideas: the Ice Cream Cone was invented by Italo Marcioni, the McDonald’s Big Mac hamburger by Jim Delligatti. IAMCA will be also a tribute to all these pioneers: the Sicilian Salvatore Pizzati (United Fruit) and John Taormina (Progresso), Chef Boyardee by Ettore Boiardi, Ghirardelli chocolates, Planter’s Peanuts by Amedeo Obici, Del Monte Fruit Canning by Marco Fontana, Ronzoni pasta  & noodles, Tropicana Inc. by Anthony T. Rossi. And last but not least, for Publishing: The National Enquire by Generoso Pope, Dell Publishing by George Delacorte, Barnes & Noble by Leonard Riggio; and for other fields: Jacuzzi bathtubs, Boehm Porcelain Studio, Women’s Clothing by Evan-Picone, Fireworks by Grucci (one of the nation's premier pyrotechnics firms) and John Paul Mitchell Systems (manufacturer of hair care products and styling tools).

This entirely digitized collection is open for research only and is now available for educational, and research purposes to scholars, students, italophiles, no matter where they live.

For more information and requests, go to the website https://italian-american-media-crossroads.blogspot.com and contact me at iamcarchive@gmail.com