We The Italians | Italian Gardens: Villa Caprile, Pesaro

Italian Gardens: Villa Caprile, Pesaro

Italian Gardens: Villa Caprile, Pesaro

  • WTI Magazine #114 Apr 20, 2019
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Villa Caprile, situated on the hills of Pesaro (Marche), dates back to 1640: it was built by the Marquis Giovanni Mosca, for recreation and rest outside the city; in fact, he had water games designed to take visitors by surprise, with sudden splashes and jets. Subsequently, the Marquis Carlo Mosca Barzi and his son Francesco made other changes, including the construction of the chapel.

In 1876 Villa Caprile became a practical school of agriculture; sold in 1925 to the Province, it is now the seat of the "Antonio Cecchi" Agricultural Technical Institute. The Second World War damaged the Villa, which was restored in 1946.

The garden, open to the public, still enchants adults and children with the water games of eighteenth-century invention. During the summer season, the open-air theatre hosts events and cultural events.


The gardens are developed in three terraces, connected by stone stairs. On the first, the closest to the Villa, is the Italian-style garden, with a large octagonal pool in the centre, still functioning water features, flowerbeds and citrus trees. The next terrace houses the pomarium, with fruit trees. The third terrace is dedicated to aromatic plants.