We The Italians | Italian good news: Here are the 29 new "Alfieri della Repubblica" appointed by President Mattarella

Italian good news: Here are the 29 new "Alfieri della Repubblica" appointed by President Mattarella

Italian good news: Here are the 29 new "Alfieri della Repubblica" appointed by President Mattarella

  • WTI Magazine #175 May 18, 2024
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Since 2010, the Presidency of the Republic has established a "Certificate of Honor" to award those underage youths who, by behavior or aptitude, represent a model of a good citizen.

The awardees have distinguished themselves in study, cultural, scientific, artistic, and sports activities, volunteer work or have performed acts or adopted behavior inspired by civic sense, altruism and solidarity.

The Certificate awards the title of "Alfieri della Repubblica" and is reserved for young people up to the age of 18. It is granted to Italian citizens, including those residing abroad, and resident foreign citizens who were born in our country or have successfully attended Italian schools for at least 5 years.

Last April 27, the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, awarded 29 Certificates of Honor. Solidarity for the environment and culture is the prevailing theme that inspired the selection of the young Ensigns in 2023.

The floods that hit our territory, particularly Romagna and Tuscany, in 2023 brought to light once again the altruism, generosity and sense of community of so many young people.

However, the cases chosen are not examples of rare actions, but are representative of widespread behaviors, of spontaneous solidarity: actions and sentiments to be encouraged in order to spread among young people those values that can enable them to become builders of a sustainable future, adults aware of the importance of solidarity in a world crossed by conflicts, climate change, and environmental crises. In addition to the awards geared to the annual theme, there are Certificates of Honor related to acts performed with particular courage and emblematic gestures of friendship.

Here is the list and reasons for the new honorees from the Head of State.

Emanuele Nicola AFFATICATI, 5/7/2008, resident of Fiorenzuola D'Arda (Piacenza, Emilia Romagna). For courageously foiling the plan of a man intent on killing his ex-partner. It was thanks to the promptness and civic sense demonstrated that a potentially dramatic denouement was averted.

Giulia ANDREASI BASSI, 25/6/2005, Rome (Lazio) resident. Because she was able to turn her passion for technology and science into socially useful projects. In particular, she came up with a solution to optimize hazardous waste management from a sustainable development perspective.

Selim AYACH, 7/12/2007, resident of Gatteo (Forlì-Cesena, Emilia Romagna). For having, without hesitation, performed resuscitation maneuvers on a person in cardiac arrest, thus saving her life. For the generosity and dedication with which he participates as a volunteer in the life of the community, as he did, most recently, during the flood that hit Emilia Romagna.

Abderrahim BEN RHOUMA, 9/22/2010, resident of Cesena (Forlì-Cesena, Emilia Romagna). For his solidarity and commitment following the flood that hit Emilia Romagna. For the exemplary civic sense with which he provided relief to his community, the land and the people who welcomed him when he arrived in Italy from Tunisia with his family.

Guido BETTI, 31/10/2005, Ravenna (Emilia Romagna) resident. For the energy and innovative vision with which he contributed to the creation of an IT platform, which enabled the organization of more than 6,000 volunteers in relief operations for the flood-affected population in Emilia Romagna.

Marta CAMERLO, 4/21/2009, resident of Rivarolo Canavese (Torino, Piedmont). For the tenacity with which she faced the illness that struck her as a child and from which she emerged strengthened. Her work as a volunteer toward those most in need is a testimony to how suffering can be transformed into acceptance and commitment to life.

Francesco COLASANTI, 4/6/2005, resident of Pofi (Frosinone, Lazio). For his voluntary commitment to promoting and enhancing the local cultural and archaeological heritage. His passion for technology, together with his keen sensitivity, enabled him to devise 3D reproductions for visually impaired people using materials with low environmental impact.

Caterina CONTENTO, 12/20/2005, resident of Montevecchia (Lecco, Lombardy). For the determination and driving force with which she engages as a volunteer in numerous activities to protect the environment. Her research on the ecological impact of cementification has been instrumental in raising awareness of sustainable development issues among many peers.

Giulia DI CAIRANO, 5/1/2006, resident of Calitri (Avellino, Campania). For the maturity and competence with which she has put her passion for writing at the service of major social issues. Her unconditional love for her land is reflected in her choice to review texts by Irpinian authors, stories and testimonies of the difficulties and beauty of life in inland areas.

Valeria FRASCA, 20/10/2006, resident of Forlì (Forlì-Cesena, Emilia Romagna). For the solidarity and commitment shown in the immediate aftermath of the disastrous flood that hit her city: Forli.

Letizia GALLETTI, 7/25/2004, resident of Lugo (Ravenna, Emilia Romagna). For bringing relief with her music to so many people forced to leave their homes following the recent flooding in Emilia Romagna.

Sofia GENTILE, 12/3/2005, resident of Vittoria (Ragusa, Sicily). For being able to convey through music the importance of the culture of legality. The unison singing of the voices of her choir has become an instrument of social cohesion. 

Sebastiano GUAZZERONI, 31/1/2015, resident of Paciano (Perugia, Umbria). For the courage he showed, despite his very young age, in the face of the illness suffered by his father. Thanks to the promptness with which he faced the emergency, he managed to prevent a walk in the woods from ending in tragedy.

Irene MARABINI, 11/29/2014, resident of Loreto (Ancona, Marche). For the welcoming spirit and spontaneous gestures with which she helped a Ukrainian peer fleeing war to settle in our country.

Nicole MINARDI, 10/26/2010, resident of Parma (Emilia Romagna). For the tenacity with which she faces the Pan-Pandas syndrome, which is still little known. From her difficulties and suffering she has also drawn the strength to devote herself energetically to spreading awareness of the condition and promoting its recognition among rare diseases.

Ginevra MINETTI, 8/27/2007, resident of Montemurlo (Prato, Tuscany). For the enthusiasm and generosity with which she volunteers. During the recent flooding in Prato, she took part in the search for some missing persons and dedicated herself tirelessly to welcoming the many evacuees to whom she never failed to give a reassuring smile.

Filippo MUTTA, 4/22/2006, resident of Marano Vicentino (Vicenza, Veneto). For combining a passion for science and a high sense of civic duty, creating an operating system that offers greater defense against cyber attacks and making it freely available to the community.

Elisa PALOMBO, 11/2/2010, resident of Torchiarolo (Brindisi, Apulia). For giving back a voice, through her pen, to a young mafia victim: a young woman killed for having the courage to distance herself from criminal circles, breaking the logic of omertà and intimidation.

Giovanni PRESTINICE, 29/8/2010, Crotone (Calabria) resident. For his determination as a volunteer to defend the rights of migrants. After the tragic shipwreck in Cutro, he did his best to make known the story of the victims, restoring their dignity and countering the indifference of so many.

Adele RICCI, 7/27/2011, resident of Ameglia (La Spezia, Liguria). For the kindness and spontaneity with which she devotes herself to a comrade in need. Her commitment sets an example: the goal of a more inclusive society can also be achieved through the simplicity of small, silent gestures.

Matteo RIDOLFI, 17/2/2010, resident of Colognola ai Colli (Verona, Veneto). For the promptness with which he gave heart massage to a man who was taken ill, thus saving his life. A courageous action based on a value of solidarity, that is, on the importance of not turning away when someone is in distress.

Fatima SADKAOUI, 3/16/2009, resident of Torrebelvicino (Vicenza, Veneto). For generously providing support to a classmate from Senegal. Her work as a cultural mediator facilitated the boy's integration within the class.

Lorenzo SASSARO, 1/12/2006, resident of Valdagno (Vicenza, Veneto). For the commitment and methodological rigor used in astronomical research, which allowed him to discover a new star. His example can help other young students cultivate a passion for science and research.

Alfonso STIGLIANI, 29/7/2005, Matera (Basilicata) resident. For the maturity and depth with which he told his story in an autobiographical book. Being able to ask for help when in distress is a great generational theme: discussing it can also serve many peers who are experiencing moments of hardship.

Emanuela TESSITORE, 12/9/2005, resident of Succivo (Caserta, Campania). For the commitment and generosity with which she made herself available to the school community during the most difficult months of the pandemic. The character with which she supported classmates most in need made her an inspiration to so many peers.

Damiano TONIOLO, 6/19/2008, resident of Villa del Conte (Padova, Veneto). For the genuine passion with which he cared for his chickens, from which he drew the inspiration to write a book, the proceeds of which were donated entirely to charity.

Michele VIGILANTE, 14/7/2006, resident of San Marco in Lamis (Foggia, Apulia). For his commitment to promoting the social value of reading. As a volunteer, he spends not only among peers but also among the elderly, offering them moments of serenity, sharing, and reflection.