We The Italians | Italian innovation: The war against covid-19 is fought also thanks to Italy and its RECORD

Italian innovation: The war against covid-19 is fought also thanks to Italy and its RECORD

Italian innovation: The war against covid-19 is fought also thanks to Italy and its RECORD

  • WTI Magazine #131 Sep 19, 2020
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Covid-19 is the virus that most of all has spread globally, so the major superpowers of the planet are preparing to find a vaccine that can be of protection for its inhabitants and of central importance for the geopolitical dynamics of the world.

The United States has decided to rely on the innovation of the RECORD system, generated by the artificial platform Indigo.ai, an Italian startup born in 2016 from the idea of engineer Gianluca Mazzarella, young excellence of the Politecnico di Milano.

Through Chatbot and Machine learning, Indigo.ai has made its way for the ability to connect companies and users, developed according to a logic of automatic preference filtering. This allows this system to be successful in the financial, insurance, pharmaceutical and communication fields.

In this context, in collaboration with the Santagostino Medical Center, experts in the medical field based in Lombardy, the artificial intelligence of Indigo.ai has developed a prototype of Natural Language Processing able to collect information for researchers on more than 195,000 tests performed worldwide. An important "data mining" has been created: not only it allows to cut time, because in 80% of cases it immediately provides the researchers with the answer to their question; but it also cuts a lot of costs. This will also allow a more economical future spread of the vaccine, able to overcome the barriers of access to treatment in the United States.

In detail, the RECORD system is divided into three phases. The first concerns the search and filtering of documents according to specific keywords, which works through a chatbot system, a software designed to simulate a conversation with a human being. Then a semantic content similar to the question asked is identified, eluding in a few seconds what is the hardest and most exhausting phase for a researcher in analogical mode. Finally, a series of targeted answers is collected citing titles, authors and journals of publication, with the related scientific impact, for the paragraphs identified. The approach of research and identification of responses is completely revolutionary compared to the analog methods applied to the sector in the past, and overturns the dynamics of time and resource management applied in the past.

One of the great advantages of this extraordinary innovation is that the method proves to be replicable even in contexts very different from the medical one, leaving open further research perspectives thanks to artificial intelligence. Will Italian artificial intelligence be able to regulate the organizational systems that govern our society? Will it be possible to adapt such system in the world of the public administration, in the fiscal control that eliminates the evasion, in the definitive streamlining of the Italian bureaucracy?

Time will give us such answers. For the moment, we can be proud to know that even in this historical period, full of uncertainties, the Italian genius is alive and innovative more than ever.

When the wind changes there are those who build walls and those who build windmills. Indigo.ai is the example of an innovative Italian windmill that reminds us that things can change, for the better, and for everyone.