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Italian land and nature: Agritourisms

Italian land and nature: Agritourisms

  • WTI Magazine #76 Feb 14, 2016
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WTI Magazine #76    2016 February 15
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In Italy tourists and travelers love staying in agritourisms (agriturismi), authentic agricultural enterprises that are often outfitted with all the comforts and modern conveniences. From the magnificent hills of Tuscany to the magical borgoes of Umbria, from the countryside surrounding art cities such as Rome, Naples, or Venice, all the way to the Sicilian hinterland, this type of vacation offers visitors the possibility to live in strict contact with nature, and allows them to learn about diverse farming methods up close.

One of the founding principles of agritourisms is indeed the use of gastronomic products that are harvested and made on site. Time spent at an agritourism is an occasion to explore the diverse enogastronomy from region to region, tasting the local dishes par excellence: from the truffle of Piedmont to Friulan prosciutto, from Mozzarella di Bufala from Campania to Bolognese mortadella, without leaving out, of course, the wonderful olive oil from Apulia. Besides welcoming visitors to spend a lovely day amidst nature and in front of a table laid out to suit both the eyes and the palate, the restaurants in agritourisms will expand their guests' gastronomic horizons, so to speak, introducing them to cooking traditions both old and new.

Vacationers that choose to stay overnight in an agritourism can focus their vacation, in small or large part, on discovering ancient flavors and cuisines.

The agritourism is also an ideal choice for an environmentally-friendly vacation, observing and perhaps taking part in cultivation and/or harvest alongside the personnel of any particular agritourism, sharing in the development objectives, values and preservation of the land. A naturalistic vacation set in a charming agritourism also falls under the category of sustainable tourism – many agritourisms even lie inside national parks, including in Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni.

Another important aspect of vacationing in an agritourism is the fact that high quality and a favorable price are more than often mutually-inclusive.

In fact, this vacation type began as an economically-smart and feasible way to an unforgettable vacation set amidst good values, good food, and beautiful surroundings. Nevertheless, the agritourism, a concept that has dramatically risen to the forefront, has become ever more comfortable in recent years, and even organized in accordance to regulations and networks similar to those of hotels.

Yet, what continues to make the difference is the ambience of nature itself, the ample open-air space, and the friendly raport that the owners more than often have with their guests; the agritourism is usually managed by a family, and guests are likely to feel as if they were at home with their own family.

An agritourism vacation is adapted for everyone – whether families with young children, a group of friends, or senior citizens – and also pair perfectly with cultural, archaeological, enogastronomic and nature itineraries.

It is no doubt that mixing Italy's best characteristics, from food and fun, culture and history, to the arts of man and nature alike is done best on an agritourism vacation, and is the best way to experience the Bel Paese!