We The Italians | Italian language: Patrimonio (Patrimony)

Italian language: Patrimonio (Patrimony)

Italian language: Patrimonio (Patrimony)

  • WTI Magazine #6 Dec 19, 2013
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WTI Magazine #6    2013 Nov, 22
Author : Alessandro Masi      Translation by:


In ancient Rome the patrimonium (patrimony) was the whole property received as an inheritance from the father. The term has a meaning even in a figurative sense: not only money and property, but also feelings, values, memories, everything that has been passed down in the family, because important. 

And what about the Italians' heritage? What have we received? What are we rich of? Asking this question is maybe the first step to avoid for that to go to waste.

(by Alessandro Masi, from the supplement Seven of the Corriere della Sera)