Abruzzesi & Molisani di California - 23rd Anniversary

Feb 10, 2013 1263

Abruzzesi & Molisani di California Celebrated their 23rd Anniversary

On Sunday, January 27, 2013 approximately 70 members and relatives of the Abruzzesi & Molisani di California gathered in the beautiful Verdugo hall of the elegant Castaway Restaurant in Burbank to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of the club.

The event was organized extremely well by a few key members that are also original founders of the association. The entertainment was provided by the Sicilian Band of Tony Ciammaritano who is gifted with a powerful tenor voice. During the five hour dinner-dance, maestro Ciammaritano was supported occasionally by Daniele Olivo, a well-known baritone of Southern California. Both performers splendidly sang several Italian tunes and melodies that filled everybody with enthusiasm and nostalgia, truly touching the hearts of all the people who enjoy fine music and selected harmonies.

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