Meet the Artist: Lorenzo de'Medici, Renaissance Pop

Apr 28, 2016 2001

When: Thursday, May 05, 2016 At 6:30 pm

Organized by : IIC - Entrance : Free

The painting Il Buio (Lux) by Prince Lorenzo de Medici portrays Lorenzo Il Magnifico, patron of the Renaissance's Enlightenment after the dark Medieval Era, and marks the beginning of the artistic journey for Prince Lorenzo de Medici, the 37 year-old descendent and heir to the Medici dynasty of Florence.

Art is his passion, as is illustrated in his Renaissance pop collection created in Florence and Rome in 2014, inspired by original Medici family portraits that he owns in his palace in Italy. Lorenzo's contemporary artworks represent the drama and splendor of the Renaissance translated to our time. IIC members only opening on May 5, RSVP mandatory. The exhibition is open to the public from May 6 - July 1.


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