SF school board wipes ‘Columbus Day’ off academic calendar

Jan 27, 2017 1234

Surprised to learn that public schools in San Francisco still celebrate Columbus Day, the Board of Education scrubbed the holiday off the academic calendar on Tuesday to appease Native American students in the district. Far less radical school districts than the San Francisco Unified School District have ditched Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous People’s Day since the holiday was first proposed 40 years ago and first adopted by Berkeley in 1992, according to the Indigenous People’s Day Committee.

Yet a program serving Native American students in the SFUSD listed ridding the district of Columbus Day among their top three priorities at the Board of Education meeting Tuesday night. School board member Matt Haney recoiled in shock when he realized that the SFUSD still had Columbus Day on the books for Oct. 22 alongside Indigenous People’s Day. Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who is credited with sparking Native American genocide.

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SOURCE: http://www.sfexaminer.com/

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