House Speaker Pelosi weighs in on Columbus statue destruction; Hogan criticizes her

Jul 10, 2020 630

BY: Bryna Zumer

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is weighing in on the toppling of the Christopher Columbus statue in Baltimore. Pelosi, who grew up in Little Italy and is a daughter of a former mayor, told reporters today she did not oppose the removal of the Columbus statue over the weekend. While she said it would be safer to not have protesters knock down statues, she said, "People will do what they do."

"I don't even have my grandmother's earrings," Pelosi said, explaining: "I don't care too much about statues." "If the community doesn't want the statue, the statue shouldn't be there. That doesn't diminish my pride in my Italian-American heritage and the fact that this is a country discovered by an Italian, named for an Italian - Amerigo Vespucci - so I have that pride, but I don't care too much about statues."

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