'Classic' Italian food at this Germantown restaurant is a labor of love

Dec 05, 2018 1616

BY: Nancy Miller

Chef Carmelo Gabriele is rolling out a new menu at the restaurant that he and his brother, Michael, opened a year ago. New dishes such as veal piccata and goat cheese risotto with shrimp will take their place alongside guest favorites like pasta with vodka sauce, carbonara, arancini, meatballs, duck pizza and eggplant Parmesan.

The menu at Sarino on Goss Avenue in Louisville's Germantown neighborhood will be the continuation of a compilation of regional Italian dishes. “I have been exposed to all regions of Italian cooking and I love them all. I try to incorporate a little from Rome, some from the Tuscany region, others from around Italy. Risotto is a northern dish. Arancini is Sicilian. I feel like all of Italy is pretty well represented,” Gabriele said of the new menu.

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SOURCE: https://eu.courier-journal.com/

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