Ingenious sounds: Leonardo da Vinci, music and theatre in the Renaissance

Sep 17, 2019 310

Although Leonardo da Vinci is best known for being a painter, an inventor and a scientist, two titles are often overlooked: musician and theater producer. Leonardo was in fact a skilled performer and he was commissioned by some of the most musically prominent courts of his time. His musical inventions opened an unexpected window into new ideas and instruments that – if actualized – would have certainly enriched the pallet of sounds of the Renaissance musical scene.

Furthermore, Leonardo, together with Brunelleschi, is regarded as one of fathers and pioneers of modern theatrical machinery. They both worked on two important theatrical representations of the early Renaissance. Leonardo on a royal wedding in Milan and Brunelleschi on the closing of the Council of Florence of 1439. By applying their know-how in engineering and architecture, the two Tuscan geniuses were able to create a new type of theatrical art scenes and machinery. 

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