Family Tradition: Marching the Oldest Banner in Little Italy's Feast of the Assumption Procession

Aug 09, 2022 426

The Cirinos — descendants of the DeMarco family — meet at Presti’s Bakery on Mayfield Road in Cleveland’s Little Italy, just beside the stoic Holy Rosary Church. Like a scene from Cheaper by the Dozen, a small army of children run between and around my feet. The adults of the family speak to me all at once, interjecting with each other, cracking jokes and adding details as others try to answer my questions.

Most notably, they’re dressed identically — each family member wearing the colors of the Italian flag. Since 1936, female members of the DeMarco family have donned matching green, white and red dresses and gathered for the Feast of the Assumption — returning Aug. 15 for its 123rd year — as a nod to their rich heritage.

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