Avon to consider joining long list of towns that don’t observe Columbus Day

Jan 13, 2020 569

BY: John LaConte

The Avon Town Council will examine Columbus Day on Tuesday, and the seven-member board is expected to consider a recommendation to stop observing the holiday in Avon. The recommendation comes from Town Manager Eric Heil, whom the Town Council asked in October to prepare a recommendation on renaming the holiday.

Heil said in 2019, some members of town staff simply referred to the day as “Monday” since they were working that day. Columbus is one of 10 federal holidays recognized by the U.S. government recognizes and marks every second Monday of October. At a meeting a few days before Columbus Day 2019, Council Member Scott Prince said he would like to see the holiday honor something other than Christopher Columbus. 

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SOURCE: https://www.vaildaily.com/

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